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9 Creative Ways to Wrap Wine for the Holidays

More often than not, not much thought is put into how we package wine when presenting as a gift. We’ll simply put a bottle in a wine gift bag and call it a day. It’s fairly easy to point out a gift of wine when you see one, so why not embrace the obvious and try to wrap it in something different?


A burlap bag and twine is a rustic combination that works for the fall and winter season. All you need is a small burlap bag, some twine, and an adorable gift tag to add a pop of color. The burlap bag is reusable and can be used for many wine gifts after.


We like this idea because it’s basically two gifts in one. You can find awesome kitchen towels with designs and quotes that’ll look fantastic wrapped around a bottle of wine. Finish it off with a ribbon or even some twine for an awesome gift.


Wine can be associated with relaxing or being cozy which is why wrapping them in socks (new and unused, of course 😉) is another good idea. Slip a bottle of wine into a fall or winter themed sock and then tie the other sock around the neck of the bottle. It’s another 2-for-1 gift that someone in your life will appreciate.


Yes, we said a sweater! Repurpose your old sweaters by cutting off the sleeves and sewing the bottoms. Slip a bottle of wine into the sleeve and tie it with a festive ribbon for a finishing touch. This idea saves your old sweaters from contributing to landfills. You can even thrift sweaters if you don’t have any to cut up.


Tissue paper is a classic way to wrap a bottle of wine. There are so many colors and designs to choose from to dress up a bottle of wine. Wrap a ribbon around it and voila—you’ve got a gift to give for the holidays!


Wrapping wine in a paper bag you have left over from a trip to the grocery store gives the bottle a homey feel. If you are feeling extra creative, you can draw on the paper bag before wrapping the bottle of wine in it. Add ribbon or twine for the final touch.


Just like the sweater idea, you can take the sleeves of an old flannel shirt and sew the bottom of it so you have somewhere to put the wine bottle. This is just another way to give the bottle of wine a cozy, winter feel while reusing clothes you don’t wear anymore.


If you’re giving a bottle of sparkling wine, covering the bottle in glitter is a way to make the bottle look glamourous. All you have to do is cover the bottle in mod podge and roll it around in glitter of your choice. We recommend doing this step two or three times before setting the glitter in one last layer of mod podge.


Yes! Another 2-in-1 gift idea! Pick out an awesome bottle tote and just quickly slip the wine bottle into it. The bottle tote is something they can use for years to come even if the wine is gone in hours! Add a gift tag for a personal touch.

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