Pairing Wine With Halloween Candy

October 27, 2020

Sometimes adults need to have a little fun on Halloween too. That’s why we came up with these Halloween candy and wine pairings for you to enjoy on the spookiest night of the year.

Candy Corn and Chardonnay

Candy corn is a sweet, buttery tasting candy with a waxy texture. Pairing it with a buttery Chardonnay will complement the candy nicely without being too overpowering. The Chardonnay will also soften the pure sugar flavors that candy corn can sometimes have.

Skittles and Sauvignon Blanc

Skittles can be overly sweet with awesome fruity flavors which is why it needs a dry wine that will cut through all of the sweetness. Sauvignon Blanc is perfect because it will tone down the Skittles and complement the fruitiness.

Hershey’s and Zinfandel

Hershey’s is a sweet milk chocolate that can be a little overwhelming on its own, which is why we decided to pair it with Zinfandel. The jammy qualities of Zinfandel pair perfectly with the sweet chocolate, making you taste chocolate covered berries with every sip.

Starburst and Muscat

Starburst are chewy, fruity candies that are somewhat tart. Pairing them with a sweet wine like Muscat that is known for orange flavors and aromas can help enhance the citrus in the candy while balancing out the sweetness in the wine.

Reese’s and Merlot

Reese’s is a blend of sweet and salty perfection. You’ve got the sugar from the chocolate and the salty from the peanut butter. Peanut butter can be a little fatty too, which is why a slightly tannic Merlot with complementary aromas such as cherry and chocolate pairs wonderfully with Reese’s.

Gummy Worms and Rosé

Gummy worms can taste plain after a few, which is why pairing them with a Rosé will give variety to your taste buds. The red fruit flavors of the Rose will enhance more of the fruit flavors in the gummy worms. The acid in the wine will give your tongue just the kick it needs to fully enjoy the gummy worms.

Snickers and Cabernet Sauvignon

Snickers is a complex candy with peanuts, caramel, nougat, and chocolate which is why you will need something equally as complex to draw out each of the flavors in the candy. Cabernet Sauvignon has notes of dark fruits which contrast the saltiness of the peanuts as well as complement the sugariness of the chocolate.

Pop Rocks and Brut Sparkling Wine

For a fun little experiment, we love pairing sparkling wine with Pop Rocks because it creates a foamy burst of fruity flavor in your mouth.

Find all these varietals and more for your Halloween tastings.

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