Meet our Winemakers

Steve Nelson

Winemaker, Chalk Hill

Steve brings over 10 years of winemaking experience to Chalk Hill Estate, along with very strong technical knowledge and experience.

Gianni Abate

Winemaker, Chalone Winery

While working in the  laboratories of several San Joaquin County wineries Gianni was exposed to the details of wine making and the structure of the wine business.

Dave Frazier

Winemaker, Firestone Vineyard

With over 12 years of experience in the wine industry, Dave Frazier carries on the Firestone tradition of crafting approachable, fruit-driven wines that are consistently high in quality.

Ryan Aura

Winemaker, Foley Estates

Ryan's passion for making hand-crafted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grew as he learned the intricacies of winemaking.

Patrick Foley

Winemaker, Foley Johnson

Patrick had the privilege of working his first harvest at Chalk Hill Estate in 2011 where he quickly realized the Wine Industry was a much more enjoyable work lifestyle.

Courtney Foley

Winemaker, Foley Sonoma

Food and wine have always been a big part of Courtney's life. When she was just 12 years old her dad, Bill Foley, founded Foley Estates and then Lincourt Vineyards, a tribute to both her and her older sister, Lindsay. 

John Clews

Winemaker, Kuleto Estate

With over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, John's belief in being a steward of the land coupled with his painstaking quality standards are a leading force for Kuleto's small portfolio of exceptional wines.

David Drake

Winemaker, Lancaster Estate

With his unique background in the Fine Arts, Lancaster Winemaker David Drake never saw himself working in the wine industry, but rather, happened upon it and has never looked back.

Walter Jorge

Winemaker, Langtry Estate

For Winemaker, Walter Jorge, Langtry Estate has a rich history in producing wines of distinction and character. A curious and studious explorer, the relatively untouched region and its diverse and individualistic terroir make it a stunning place of great potential for Walter.

Lorna Kruetz

Winemaker, Lincourt

In 2003, Lorna received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture Science with a Minor in Agribusiness and Viticulture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

John Martin

Winemaker, Roth Estate

Raised in Oakland, California, John showed an early aptitude for chemistry and biology, but from a very young age his real love was music, with a particularly deep appreciation of jazz.

David Nakaji

Winemaker, Sebastiani

David attended UCSB where he obtained his undergrad degree in Chemistry, and went on to get his PhD in Chemistry from Yale University.

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