FFWS Holds Annual Harvest Celebration

For members of The Foley Food & Wine Society, there’s only one way to celebrate harvest — the annual Foley Food & Wine Society Harvest Celebration!

Held at the iconic Chalk Hill Estate in Sonoma County, The Foley Food & Wine Society Harvest Celebration brings together the entire Foley Family Wines portfolio under one roof for a collective jubilee to honor the season’s bounty.

Guests at the event were invited to taste the full spectrum of Foley Family Wines, which include wines from the greatest wine regions of Washington, Oregon, and California. For Foley Food & Wine Society member Jeff Duplicki, this was the perfect chance to try something new.

“I wanted to try the Willamette Valley wines,” says Duplicki. “I wanted to buy a few, but this was the opportunity to taste them.”

In addition to the fantastic wines, the Foley Food & Wine Society culinary teams brought their best work with a spread of decadent bites that were the perfect complement to what was being poured throughout the afternoon. The menu was seasonal and festive, with something for every palate.

Known for being one of the best Foley Food & Wine Society events of the year, the Harvest Celebration stayed true to its reputation.

“It’s an incredible experience. Wonderful people, wonderful food, and incredible wines,” said Foley Food & Wine Society member Doug Wilgar.

Wilgar, who resides in Las Vegas, NV, has been a member of The Society for over three years and has made the trip to Sonoma County for the Harvest Celebration two years in a row.

“It’s a phenomenal experience. Got to come out and enjoy it because there’s nothing better out here.”

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