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Meet Doug & Shana, VGK Fans and FFWS Veterans

Doug and Shana Wilgar were both born and raised in Las Vegas (true “Vegas Born,” as they put it), and have lived there most of their lives. What do they love about it? For one, the winter weather (which for the uninitiated means no shoveling snow). But beyond the weather, they love living in Las Vegas because of the vast variety of things to do in the Vegas metropolitan area.

After visiting friends in Santa Barbara County, they learned that their hometime of Las Vegas was awarded an NHL team (The Vegas Golden Knights) and Bill Foley would be the principal owner. That immediately endeared the Wilgars to Bill for bringing Las Vegas their first major-league professional team.

We spoke to them about their background, wine life, and becoming members of the Foley Food & Wine Society. Enjoy the interview! These are two super cool Society members.

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Bill Foley (left), Shana Wilgar (jean jacket), Doug Wilgar (back), and two of the Wilgar’s friends.

FFWS: You live in Las Vegas, but love to visit California wine country. How did you get introduced to the wines in the Foley Family Wine portfolio?
Doug and Shana (D&S): 
We have traveled to most California wine regions and have made the yearly trek to the FFWS Harvest Party in both 2017 and 2018 (sadly, the fires and COVID-19 have canceled both the 2019 and 2020 parties, which we were planning on attending). We were first introduced to Foley wines through friends who suggested we visit Foley Estates while we were in Santa Barbara County. Once we tasted the wines, we were hooked! We signed up for the Foley Food and Wine Society on-the-spot. Since that day we have been members of Roth, Chalk Hill, Foley Estates, and Foley Johnson wine clubs to go with our FFWS membership. Wine is a large part of our lives and we love to share selections of our Foley family wines to expose more people to the amazing variety and quality of wines in the Foley portfolio.

FFWS: We’ve established that you’re clearly fans of the Vegas Golden Knights. Have any fun or unique stories to share about an experience with the team?
 I grew up a very big hockey fan so when Bill Foley brought us an NHL club to call our own I was absolutely thrilled! Shana and I could not wait to go to our first game!

D&S: We have been fans of the Golden Knights since the day the commissioner announced that we would be awarded the team. We grabbed up as much gear as we could get our hands on, and we have our son, both our mothers and Doug’s father on-board with us! We have gone to countless games and rooted the Knights on for every game, whether in-person at “The Fortress” or on television when we are not able to attend the games or they were on the road.

One of our favorite memories occurred during the 2018 Stanley Cup Play-Off’s while the Golden Knights were hosting the San Jose Sharks. Not only did we start a huge chant of “Squish the Fish,” but our son came flying back to our seats in hysterics. When he was able to stop laughing long enough to tell us what he was laughing about, he informed us that all of the men’s restroom “facilities” were adorned with small sharks in the bowls!

FFWS: Have you met Bill Foley? If so, care to share a story about the experience?
 We were thrilled when FFWS opened a tasting kiosk at T-Mobile Arena and we ran into Bill during our first visit to the kiosk, and have visited with him on other occasions as well. We are blessed to have our favorite wines at the games of our favorite team! We are looking forward to the day that fans are able to attend the Golden Knights games live again!

We also recall meeting Bill at the 2018 FFWS Harvest Party at Chalk Hill. Doug wore a Hawaiian shirt that has flamingos and the Golden Knights shield and helmet logo all over. One of the wine representatives commented to us that we had to show the shirt to Bill. We were both thrilled that he was there at the party and couldn’t wait to meet him! We approached him and he could not have been nicer. Doug was told several times to call him Bill and not “Mr. Foley”! He is always very gracious and engaging and to meet someone with his list of accomplishments who is so down-to-earth is very refreshing!

FFWS: What are your go-to Foley Family wines?
 There are so many varieties and experiences within the portfolio of Foley Wines, but some of our go-to favorites are: Foley Sonoma Courtney’s Cuvee, Chalk Hill W.P. Foley, Foley Estates Pinot Noir, Two Sisters Chardonnay, Roth Heritage, Lancaster Cabernet, Foley Johnson Petit Verdot, Foley Johnson Handmade Chardonnay, and Four Graces Pinot Noir.

FFWS: If you have a cellar, what’s your oldest FFW wine? Newest? And what’s your most prized bottle of wine, period?
 We have a room temperature wine cellar as well as a large wine refrigerator that we keep stocked with most of our favorites. While we love to purchase wine, we refer to our collecting as “napping vs. resting” as we have a hard time not opening and sharing our wines with each-other and our friends and family! We do keep a few vintages of WP Foley on-hand at all times, as well as a few magnums of Silver Oak Cab and some French and Italian varieties.

FFWS: What do you like about the Foley Food & Wine Society? How have you taken advantage of your member benefits?
 There are so many amazing benefits to being members of the Foley Food & Wine Society! First and foremost would be the complimentary tastings at most of the Foley estates. We truly enjoy being able to visit and talk with the staff and winemakers of our favorite wineries and we are always treated with wonderful customer service, excellent knowledge and great discounts for being members. We also love the fact that our wine purchases earn us points to use for purchasing more wine, FFWS event tickets or discounts on accommodations and restaurants that partner with FFWS. The fact that we can travel to nearly any wine region in the U.S., and some internationally, and be able to visit a FFWS winery is such a treat, and the wineries that are added to the portfolio grow every year!

FFWS: Anything else you’d like to say to the rest of the FFWS fans out there?
 The uniqueness of the Foley Food & Wine Society is that it allows members the opportunity to experience a very diverse portfolio of wines and to enjoy them with others who share the same passion! From the Chalk Hill Harvest Party to simply tasting at a Foley winery, there are so many opportunities to socialize with other members and guests who share the same love of wine and food, and we have made friendships through these opportunities. The Foley Food & Wine Society is unlike any “wine club.” It truly brings lovers of amazing wines and delicious foods together in a way that makes it a total experience. We are proud members and will be for life! In the words of E.E. Cummings: “his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine.”

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