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Why Wine Clubs are Worth the Investment

Many wineries offer wine clubs that will send out quarterly shipments of wine. If you’re someone who has visited tons of wineries and are never sure whether you should sign up for a wine club or not, here are a few reasons why you should.


By joining a wine club, you get the convenience of having your favorite wines shipped to your doorstep. It saves a lot of time and saves you from having to transport the bottles home. When you receive your wine shipment, it eliminates the need to travel all the way to the winery you’re a member of just to purchase more of your favorite bottles!


As a wine club member, wineries will give you exclusive perks. For example, by joining a wine club from the Foley Family Wines portfolio of wineries, you get the benefits of being a member of that specific winery (discounts on wine and events, early access to new releases, complimentary tastings) as well as complimentary tastings at any of the sister wineries. You can also earn points for wine, cuisine, and experiences.


One of the best things about signing up for a wine club is that in addition to receiving your favorite wines, you also get to try new-to-you wines that the winery offers. This is a great way to discover new wines that could potentially be your favorite. That way when your favorite wine sells out, you’ve got plenty of delicious options to fall back on. It also encourages you to try varietals you wouldn’t typically reach for.

Next time you’re contemplating joining a wine club, just do it! You get amazing wine, plus tons of other perks as well. Joining a wine club is a positive experience and isn’t it fun to come home to a box of wine ready to explore?

To learn more about the various wine clubs offered by The Foley Food & Wine Society and each of our individual wineries, click here.

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